The Statehouse News Bureau, an Ohio blog dedicated to tracking all things political, said a guy named Joe Blystone wants to break things. I don’t Joe, so I read Andy Chow’s piece which left me adrift, alone with my imagination.

Who is Blystone, and what does he want? After all, he’s a long way from the DC beltway, well outside what the mainstream media would refer to as a viable candidate for Governor of Ohio.

Blystone is a farmer. In Arizona, we call the guys like Joe ranchers and farmers, almost interchangeably. He’s got a restaurant and butcher shop, according to Chow. I did some research, and I don’t think Blystone wants to break any heads. However, he does want to turn over some tables and run some people out of Ohio’s sacred temple, the Governor’s mansion.

Who is Joe? If you do a quick Google search, you find out he likes to garden! That puts him in good company with some names you might recognize; George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison … they were farmers too.

If you listen carefully to Joe Blystone, he sounds like Madison and Jefferson:

We saw that our government here in Ohio decided that because of a pandemic, they could take our constitutional rights and throw them out the back door, and that’s wrong. – Joe Blystone

Joe is not happy with what he saw and experienced in the past eighteen months. In that sense, he’s like many other Americans who aren’t satisfied with the squeeze they have been experiencing from an all too big, fat, bloated, over-reaching centralized government in both Ohio and Washington.

In Andy Chow’s piece, he said,

Blystone is running on what he calls a ‘Constitutional Conservative’ platform which includes expanding gun rights, restricting abortion, cutting the state budget, and setting restrictions on teaching about race and racism in Ohio schools.  – Andy Chow

Hmmm, did Andy watch the Virginia Governor’s race? Because it seems to me that Joe has friends in Virginia, and many of them are not farmers with a butcher shop. Instead, and most likely, they are a cross-spectrum of Americans of every stripe who have had enough of government.

Who is Joe Blystone? He is the man who said, “I don’t do anything small…our goal is to get DeWine out of there.” A reference to Ohio’s current Republican Governor Mike DeWine, who is experiencing the wrath of disappointed voters who view him as a henchman for government, an oppressor who followed the socialist agenda on COVID.

Who is Joe Blystone and what does he want? He’s a farmer, restaurant, and butcher shop owner that people in Ohio should be looking at as their next Governor. While I am not ready to endorse Blystone, I am ready to applaud the fact that he doesn’t make his employees wear masks, and he respects the Second Amendment and parental rights in education.

Today, I spoke to someone who is following the Ohio governor’s race. He asked me, “Do you know who Joe Blystone is?” I shrugged across Zoom to indicate my ignorance.

I’m not ignorant anymore, and a conversation is in order. I will keep you posted with glee!

[photo background by Cameron Cox, Unsplash]

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